Membership in the Burnet News Club includes access to events run by The Economist Educational Foundation. We run a unique interactive annual events and we host an Awards Ceremony every year at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the best of the club. Other events include training workshops for teachers and visits to schools that earn the title 'Thought Leader' throughout the year. Our next event, Agora, will take place on November 13th 2020 and is available to all schools.

Past events

Issue 2 Thought Leader: The Future of Work

21 December 2020

Cheam Common Junior Academy

Agora 2020

13 November 2020

One day. One big issue. Your decision counts. Agora is an interactive one-day event that brings together schools across the UK to discuss an issue and make a big decision.

Issue 1 Thought Leader: The American election

23 October 2020

Michael Faraday School

Issue 6 Thought Leader: The Arts

15 July 2020

Lyons Hall Primary School

Burnet News Club Awards Ceremony 2020

02 July 2020

Winning School: Hammond Junior School
Teacher of the Year Award: Hamda Sheikh from Preston Manor School

Issue 5 Thought Leader: Extreme Weather

10 June 2020

Achimota Basic School

Issue 4 Thought Leader: The Future of Health Care

19 April 2020

Hammond Junior School

Issue 3 Thought Leader: Politicians and Power

31 March 2020

Birchwood Primary School

Issue 2 Thought Leader: Space Exploration

19 December 2019

Noel Park Primary School

Issue 1 Thought Leader: Hong Kong in Crisis

04 November 2019

Graveney School