Membership in the Burnet News Club includes access to events. We run a unique annual event called Burnet News Club Live, which all clubs participate in, and we host an Awards Ceremony every year at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the best of the club. Other events include training workshops for teachers and visits to schools that earn the title 'Thought Leader' throughout the year.

Past events

Issue 4 Thought Leader: Gender Equality

01 June 2018

Streatham Wells Primary School raised the bar with their high standard of Final Pieces, representing their views on ‘2018. Gender Equality’. A mix of sculpture and painting produced powerful, creative artworks. We enjoyed their open-minded posts which challenged our preconceived ideas about gender.

Issue 3 Thought Leader: Catalonia

28 February 2018

Colegrave Primary School’s Burnet News Club students immersed themselves in every way possible during this Issue. Lots of different club members joined the discussion online and posted well-developed comments, great Final Pieces were submitted and Weekly Competition entries resulted in all-round success.

Burnet News Club LIVE 2018

02 February 2018

One day. One big issue. All Burnet News Club schools. Burnet News Club Live is an interactive one-day event that brings together Burnet News Club schools across the UK to discuss an issue and make a big decision.

Issue 2 Thought Leader: Social Housing

22 December 2017

Michael Faraday School demonstrated curiosity rich questions and skilfully sceptical comments during this social housing Issue. The views of club members diverged as the Issue progressed, which resulted in a variety of solutions being presented clearly and confidently in their Final Pieces.

Issue 1 Thought Leader: Russia and Rights

31 October 2017

St Peter's Primary School impressed us throughout the first Issue of the year. Students contributed on the Hub right from the start, showing increasingly developed reasoning. It was evident that students' Final Pieces were well informed by the conversations they had taken part in online.

Burnet News Club Awards Ceremony 2017

27 June 2017

Winning School: Faringdon Community College
Outstanding Teacher Award: Claire Hofer from Elaine Primary Academy

Burnet News Club LIVE 2017

11 January 2017

An immersive theatre event where Burnet News Club students came to ‘prison’ to meet and interact with various characters to decide the fate of a prisoner.

Burnet News Club Awards Ceremony 2016

21 June 2016

Winning School: Napier Community Primary School.

Burnet News Club Awards Ceremony 2015

23 June 2015

Winning school: North Beckton Primary School