What causes youths to join gangs? How can we solve this?

There are many concepts that cause young people to join criminal gangs. I have three.

I think our last topic on the Financial Crisis of 2008 is subtly linked to this. The transformation begins maybe even before the child who is affected is even born. People are able to use their credit card even after they are in massive debt. This is a factor because parents who are in debt do not have the money to send their children to schools that will give them a zest for learning what they love... They won't get the chance to see how good they are at the Arts, a particular sport, an extra-curricular activity. Schools that are not really invested in will not have the money to give all their students the extended education that they need. Pupils will feel repelled by the standard school system because it only caters for academia rather than creativity. They feel like if they want to be rich like their parents aren't they need to find a well-paying job. They look up to actors and actresses. They look at the successful people they see on their screens everyday. Because of low self-esteem and the fact that their parents have low aspirations for them, they may feel like thay are not good enough to become those celebrities or scholars that the school system wants them to be so their only other alternative is to join a gang


  • Change the way credit cards are used
  • Create schools that cater for all levels of creativity and academia
  • Make programmes that show how celebrities who worked hard became successful so that they feel inspired
  • Encourage children to be proud of themselves
  • Teach children to have high aspirations and work with parents to have high aspirations for their children

My second is that these children feel insecure about the status of their wealth. Gangs offer them money that they need for their family, clothes that they see TV actors wear, phones and accesories that they see advertised on screens all over Britain for carrying drugs, smuggling arms and the suchlike. They are attracted by the expectation that they will receive these glamourous items and as a positive to them, they will receive a weapon to defend themself from other gangs who may try to intercept the deal.


  • Show children that life is more than superficiality and encourage them to have a work ethic

My third is that they feel unsettled by news stories, drill music launched on social media by gangs and carry arms like knives to protect themselves from prospects such as gangs and people who might be threats to them. They join gangs to feel safe and to feel like they will be protected but what they are oblivious to is the fact that this endangers them endangers them. Because there are many frightening stories about the murders of children in London, they feel unsafe - and most people do. However, these kids are so traumatised by what they might have experienced or seen on TV that they decide to only leave the house when they are armed to defend themself. They don't realise that their own knife could be used to harm them - they would have been safer with nothing because that also means that if a police officer stops them they can't be seen as in possession of an offensive weapon.


  • Make children aware of the dangers of carrying offensive weapons

In conclusion is that youngsters who are involved in violent crime are bored of having nothing to do, tired of living in poverty, looked down upon and majorly treated like puppets by gang leaders who feel it is right to coax them into their criminal habits. Society must educate children to the dangers of these factors because they are what some may have to face in everyday life. Children should be supported in schools and encouraged to be zealous in their learning. Above all, it is imperative that children are safe and are protected in their social lives.

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