Should we give everyone a chance?


Should we give everyone a chance?

I think that we should let everyone have a bit of another chance but not always because if their country did something really bad to yours, then you would be pretty annoyed at then and be so frustrated that you didn't even want then to have a different go. Sometimes we need to think about that we don't want to be a bad person and be really kind and help them to move up to your place if they had to and not close them off on their own because the country next to them might be in the war against them they wouldn't have an escape. If you did that then if you had a war then they would block you off and say ' no you are not allowed to enter our country because last time you didn't let us come in when we had a war'. We need to be really careful on if we should come on their side even though they might have done something to you because what is the point to be next to a country when you could be a lonely one like Fiji or a different one if you can't help.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC 16 Apr 2019

    Do you think it's right to judge everyone from one country in the same way? Why do people often think of people in terms of their nationality?

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg open_seal
    Morley Newlands Academy 16 Apr 2019

    By the parliament and royalty, everyone should be treated no differently than anyone else because we are all unique and we are all human beens

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg friendly_cello
    Streatham Wells Primary School 16 Apr 2019

    I think that you should not judge someone about where they came from or what they look like because you wouldn't like it if they did it to you

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg talented_cookie
    Birchwood C of E Primary School 16 Apr 2019 in reply to Tiff @ the BNC's comment

    For example: If a family was treated really badly and a war then came to their country and if there wasn't a border to a country next to them, they might go there but even if they were treated badly, the other country could be nicer and help them out.

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg incredible_wombat
    Morley Newlands Academy 16 Apr 2019 in reply to open_seal's comment

    I agree everyone should be free.

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  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer
    The Ruth Gorse Academy 17 Apr 2019

    I think people often think of people in different ways according to their nationality because the country is the bigger picture.
    Some people may think of people from Korea as someone bad because of how many rules there are in the country and how severely punished you get if you don't abide by them. However, you can't judge one specific, average person by that since they are not the one making the rules. Maybe the country general, but not one person.
    Another example is Singapore. They are the most intelligent country in the world with an average IQ of 107.1. So that's the whole country, but not one person. You can't be stereotypical and say that every single person in Singapore is really smart because one person may not know that much.

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  • swedish school.JPG coherent_fruit
    Skellefteå 24 Apr 2019

    Everyone should get at least one chance we are all people who deserve to live life

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  • Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion
    Weston Favell Academy 28 Apr 2019

    I believe that we should not be prejudice against a whole race of people. Sometimes it is just the leader who is making the country look bad. For example, in our first issue this year, Aung San Suu Kyi was leading the country of Myanmar and was making the whole country look bad because of how she was treating the Rohinga people.However, this does not necessarily mean that the whole country thought that the Rohinga people should be excluded. Also, if we judged everyone from a country the same way, the opposite effect could happen. If the whole country was judged on one good person then people could get away with doing bad things because of this. I think that everyone should get a chance because we are all people who deserve a chance to embrace life fully; however, I think that if someone wastes there chance so many times there should be consequences.

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  • swedish school.JPG brilliant_contribution
    Skellefteå 29 Apr 2019

    no matter where you come from or how you look you should get the same treatment as everyone else

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC 29 Apr 2019 in reply to honorable_conclusion's comment

    Well done for referring back to a previous Issue! You have also explained your point of view clearly - well done.

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