Should strangers make your decision?


In this weeks lesson, we have been talking about visa documents and how different factors decide who can enter a country. When we were shown some of the facts, I was disappointed with the lack of information we recieved about each person. For example, one of the applicants said that they had been arrested once before. I think that we should be told what the crime they commited was. To explain, what if they had been wrongly arrested? Imagine this, someone had stolen something from a store that had no CCTV. You walked out with the same thing they had stolen and you get arrested. Then, years later, you loose the chance to enter a new country because of that. Would it be fair? Also, I believe we should have been told about what the student wanted to study. For example, you can now study a degree in surfing. Imagine if that place was given to someone who studied surfing rather than a person who wanted to study medicine.

After thinking about this, I thought about how the people that make the decision are complete strangers. They know nothing about you. Sometimes, facts about you do not show the real you. For example there are outdated stereotypes about different people. For example, people who do martial arts are immediately labled as tough and scary. I know this because I am a black belt in karate. Now, I am a very soft and light-hearted person. If someone judged me just because I was a black belt in karate, I would feel very upset and offended. This shows that sometimes paperwork and grades do not prove everything. However, if a person who knows you judges you, they understand the real you.

However, I understand that we do need this system. This is because ,if we did not have this process, then there could be escaped convict coming into the country. We do need borders otherwise the world would be in chaos. I also understand that if someone who knows you judges you, they could be biast and lenient. However, if a person knows nothing about you, how can it be a fair ? Would you want the most important decision of your life to be made by a stranger?

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