Is It All In My Head?


We talk about walls, walls restrain us from things that that we wish to do, walls restrain us from going somewhere of witch we wish to be. These are many thoughts that come to our human brain when we think about walls and barriers. Have you ever thought abot the deeper meaning? Have you ever thought about the other side to the situation?

Mental walls/barriers... That is what I am talking about, I am talking about the walls that dwell within our minds, the wall of which one can simly ignore, the ones that can disappear from existance. In some prespectives these are the more serious walls. Many of us have mental walls however, sometimes we don't even realise they are there, and we need to take the time to realise that our walls even exist and what they are doing to us. Mental walls tend to have bad side effects and they may usually have bad causes.

Some of the causes can be a trauma that may make you feel as though you have a wall inbetween doing something that you enjoy. Examples of some traumas that could effect you and therefore slowly develop a boarder/wall in your mind could be failing the first time that you tried to do something, it could be something simple as trying to score a goal in football for the first time or it could even be somethimg as extreme as not getting very good grades in a test and then not bothering to revise as hard next time for a test. Another mental boarder that can develop due to trauma could be injuring yourself whilst perhaps doing a sport.

A rather big consequence that can occur could be not attempting to do something that you wish to do or even becoming hopeless and rather than gaining hope you loose hope. Surely that is a really bad and sad consequence. I wrote this post also in order to raise awarness on this issue. Seeing as, I believe that this a big issue that people don't even realise that they are going through. To end this post I would like to just say that there is always someone to talk to if your struggling with a mental wall/barrier. You can of course talk to a trusted adult such as your guardian or teacher that you trust and know well and of course get along with. You can possibly even talk to one of your really close friends and they can help you out on what to do next and they could possibly be going through a similar problem to you.

Do you think physical boarders or mental borders are worse, which one? Please leave your answer in the comment section.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg idealistic_cat
    St Gregory's Catholic Primary School C 03 May 2019

    I think physical barriers are worse because you cannot go anywhere or get in somewhere, but if it is a mental barrier you can always find a way over the barrier, but both can be harmful. But what would happen if there was no way to escape a mental barrier?

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg dependable_duck
    St Gregory's Catholic Primary School A 03 May 2019

    I believe that physical barriers are what people instantly think when someone says `wall` or `barrier`. However, if you think deeper, mental barriers can do a lot of things. It could be when maybe you and your friend have had an argument, you may think there is almost a mental barrier, stopping you from being friends. A physical barrier, stops people from crossing, just like Donald Trumps wall. It can keep people out, but also keep people in. It can stop people from seeing family and friends. So, its hard to decide what barrier does most, physical or mental, as I think them equally as strong reasons for being brilliant or terrible.

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  • swedish school.JPG coherent_fruit
    Skellefteå 03 May 2019

    I think mental barriers are worse beacause they vän really damage you. Som murder other people beacause of that. But physical barriers are bad as well because they close of the world from another place

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  • Highdown-logo-250x250.jpg rational_politics
    Highdown School 06 May 2019

    I agree with you, that people should be more aware of mental barriers/ walls. Even though it is hard to tell what people are going through. This situation with Donalds Trump's wall could also affect people mentally as well as, obviously, physically. For example, if you want to live in America you might feel personally attacked because to you it might seem as though President Trump doesn't want people like you in his country. This might set up a mental barrier.

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  • swedish school.JPG convivial_nature
    Skellefteå 08 May 2019

    I think physical boarders because you can't go where you want to go.

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg understanding_squirrel
    Morley Newlands Academy 08 May 2019

    i think that it is a bad idea because people cant go were they want to go and they are not free to go were they want and it is just a very bad idea.

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg delightful_dragonfruit
    Morley Newlands Academy 09 May 2019

    i think borders are stupid because people should be free to go wherever they want to.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC 09 May 2019 in reply to delightful_dragonfruit's comment

    What might be difficult for a country if all of a sudden, millions of people decided to move there?

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg approachable_blackberry
    Morley Newlands Academy 10 May 2019

    Why do some walls have no entrance? (they should have an entrance so citizens can go where they want)

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg prodigious_guineapig
    Morley Newlands Academy 10 May 2019

    Its not fair because you get split up from your family and friends

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  • Morley-Newlands-logo-250x250.jpg versatile_expression
    Morley Newlands Academy 13 May 2019

    I believe that physical borders are harder to get through as depending on the height and size, it could be impossible to get through. However, I also agree that mental borders can be as equally hard as physical ones. I myself have had issues with mental borders which have taken a while to overcome, but just know that whatever you are going through, there is always a way to get an invisible boulder and smash that wall into pieces. In my opinion, this post is a good way to explain physical and mental barriers and inform anyone who does not understand them.

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  • Dante Alighieri.PNG quiet_lute
    Dante Alighieri 16 May 2019

    @approachable_blackberry the walls don't have entrances because the state stops the immigrations.

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  • swedish school.JPG believable_mulberry
    Skellefteå 16 May 2019

    Wow! That's a whole new way to think about walls. I think mental walls and barriers are worse because if there is a physical wall that is stopping you from doing something it's probably also stopping other people and that means that you're not alone. It's always easier to stand up for something you believe in if there is other people who supports you. If you have a mental barrier it's way harder because people will not know that they exist so you are probably going to have to stand alone. Of course you can tell people how you feel, and I really encourage everyone to do that because " a shared problem is only a half problem" but I know it can be hard sometimes to tell people about problems.

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