Is Donald Trump racist?


Hey guys, its me again, artistic_opinion and today we will be discussing the unanswered question, on: Is Donald Trump racist. In have decided to post on this because of the new issue about President Trump's new border. So without fruther ado lets begin...

Why do I think he is racist?

I believe that Donald Trump is racist because lately, in my perspective, he has been quite rude to muslims. Although he said that he wanted to banned muslims in America, for the protection of his country I do not think this is the reason why. I think that he has done this for his own personel gain; what I mean by this, is that he has done this because he does not like muslims. However in this world, there have been many incidents of which muslims have been involed. For example, ISIS, which stands for Islamic States of Iraq and Syria.

If I am wrong

If I am wrong please do forgive me, but I cannot help myself but say that Donald Trump is a very dodgey man. Furthermore, how can the United Staes be united if their leader is not? Also, Donald Trump had asked the government for a few billion dollars budget for the wall between the two countries. However, when the government did not deliver, he shut down the US government for weeks! Surely, this man would do anything to get his way. In addition to this, Donald Trump had frist said that he would build up to a half of the border, but now he has said he will build up to a quarter

information from burnet news club sessions

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