Should sports and politics mix?


There has been an issue of wether sports and politics should mix. There have been many reasons which are both positive and negative. Here are some reasons that will blow your mind away!


In 2018, Colin Kaepernick knelt down when his (American football, not ours!) football team was singing their national anthem ‘Star-spangled banner’.This refers to the time of when an African-American was going to his family with a bag of sweets. Unfortunately,police thought he was carrying something dangerous, and shot him without knowing that he was innocent.The police enforcement have a lot of power , so there was nothing done about it.However , people have been protesting that this is not right. The national anthem tells a message that America is great, but Colin Kaepernick thought that was just wrong,since all of these horrible deeds are taking place.So if sports and politics mixed, then this can be solved.

Furthermore,there was a time when two men, Tommy Smith and John Carlos, won gold medals, but raised black fists.It was known as Black Power, first done by a group called Black Panther (not the movie!).They had their medals taken away, and were told to leave. In those times, black people weren’t treated fairly. For example,white people chose who to vote president, however, black people were forced who to vote, or might get hurt badly, maybe not even get allowed to vote.So this is why it is a good thing that sport and politics should mix.


A few years ago, Brazil hosted the World Cup. Not Russia. Poor people had to live in slums before the World Cup. But when they were making the football stadium, they had to knock down peoples homes, only the poor people’s. Not only were they poor but now homeless. This also leads to the result that a LOT of money has been wasted. After the World Cup, the stadium wasn’t really used anymore, so all the money went down the drain! *plop*

In addition, before the World War, Hitler used sport to promote his power, and to show that Germany is powerful.In detail, Hitler made Germany succeed, and wasn’t fair. Hitler did many horrible things. If sports and politics never mixed, then Hitler wouldn’t have done this those years ago.


Have you learnt anything?

Do you have any comments?

Challenge: try and disagree on positive and agree on negative. So in basic words, make positive negative, and negative positive.

Newsjunior850, Arnhem Wharf Primary School

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