Is Football Only A Game?


Today we were talking about whether football is only a game. We came up with a couple of sentences for an interview for sports and politics. Here is some of our arguments about whether football is just a game and whether football and politics mix? Here are some of the arguments:

  • Attitudes and rules in the sports industry itself will never change and modernise if no one challenges them.
  • If you make a political statement during sporting events, a huge number of people are going to see it and may take notice. About 3.2 billion people watched the last World Cup finals in Brazil.
  • Athletes are also citizens; the issues that effect people around the world like racism and sexism, affect athletes too. They have a right to freedom of speech and to fight for the causes they believe in.

On the other hand…..

  • People watch sports to enjoy themselves. They shouldn’t have to think about politics when they are trying to relax.
  • If we start mixing politics and sports, it wouldn’t be about people’s skill any more. It would be about what their country has been doing.
  • Athletes’ salaries are paid by fans and sponsors. If those people don’t agree with the athletes’ political opinions they may stop watching the games or giving them sponsorship. If athletes do not get paid they may need to stop competing.
  • Recently, Gary Lineker on of our sports presenters has been very critical about FIFA and has called them a ‘corrupt organisation’. This is because they had been caught out in a corruption scandal. Gary wants the organisation to be better, more honest and fair. He was criticized for speaking out and people felt he should not be political by trying to interfere with football.

Those are the arguments. What do you think? Is football just a game and should politics mix with football?

Our views are that he had a right to say his opinion and his thoughts on FIFA’S rules and politics. And he had a right to boycott FIFA.

By HariboTeal and Rollercoaster64, St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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