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The voice story that we read was about how Tommie Smith and John Carlos made history in 1968 by standing up for their rights after they both won Olympic medals. They got their medals taken away by punching their arm into the air to symbolize black power, as part of a nationwide campaign to give rights to black citizens who had been mistreated (see in photo). At the time, this was seen as a political gesture and that went against the rules of FIFA.

We think this is extremely unfair because everyone always treated black/mixed-race people unfairly at that time and they also underestimated black/mixed-race people. When black citizens got an award FIFA and some fans couldn’t even be respectful enough to congratulate them that one time. It might have been slightly against the rules, but everyone deserves respect, including black citizens.

Sadly, when both of the men got home, they faced death threats from members of the community. Recently, John Carlos said, “I had a moral obligation to step up. Morality was a far greater force than the rules and regulations they had.”

We also think it was extremely brave of both of them to have the courage to step up and fight for their rights.

What do you think? Would you ever be brave enough to to something like that?

By popcorn46 and Whiskey Wizard, St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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  • BNC-school-logo.jpg mindblowing_clam
    BNC Example Posts 24 Jul 2018

    I think it was a bad idea to take their medals away because it shows black lives don’t matter and for them to have death threats for raising there fist up for back power.

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  • BNC-school-logo.jpg methodical_duck
    BNC Example Posts 24 Jul 2018

    I really agree with the raise of the fist as it represents that the black community has power and its good that people recognise this. I think that that takin the medals is disgusting and that we need the recognise what they did was good. I do see that they don't want to bring politics into sports but I think they could have let this won slide.

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