An important issue has sprung into the headlines during this World Cup tournament,should sports and politics mix.Lots of people are confused because these are two completely different things.How could they possibly mix? Well they have more similarities than you think.

Some sports stars and commentators believe politics should very well be off the playing field because sports is something fun and they don’t need politics getting mixed into it. For example, Jan Paterson(British Olympic Association) stated,”It is about playing the game in the spirit in which it is intended and about creating friendships and having fun.” However,many people don’t realise they are already mixing politics with sports by singing the national anthem.So if they want politics to stay away why did they bring it up in the first place?

Others aren’t so sure ,they think that politics could possibly  make football more interesting for people who stays on the outside of football but they also think that politics should stay in its own place and not infuse into football.But others think that the football field is a great place to make a statement as  sometimes millions watch the World Cup and they would all receive the message. As an example,in 1968 Tommie Smith made history by raising his fist to show the power of black people.

Here at Politically Speaking,we think that politics should mix with sports and people who are on the fence should come to our side because it can possibly fire up the games even more .

Magicalbunny3816, Crampton Primary School

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