Expressing political views in american sports


America is very controversial place with politics and sports. Sports is an iconic symbol in american and drives many ideas about what is good and what is bad. I understand that you should have probably already studied this subject before but I want to list some subjects about politics and sports in america. On October 7, 2017, J.T Brown of the Tampa bay lighting raised his fist while standing on the bench during the national anthem. He had also done the same in a preseason game, in an attempt to “bring awareness to police brutality against minorities and racial inequality.” He stated that he had “received death threats” after the protest. Thirty-two members of the Denver Broncos kneeled during the anthem. At least ten members of the Buffalo Bills also kneeled during the anthem, while other team members locked arms. Running back LeSean McCoy said “My message to him (Trump) is, be a president, be respectful, man. You know, us Americans, we are together. Stop trying to divide us.” McCoy performed stretches during the national anthem. All Pittsburgh steelers players except one refused to leave the locker room during the anthem. On the sideline, the Chicago Bulls players locked their arms while the anthem was performed.Villanueva has since expressed regret for his actions.

-Goldrhino, Faringdon Community College

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