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By Curious Kitty, LittleDolphin and HSHCPAMHWAD, Michael Faraday

Here at Frankly Football we believe that sports and politics should not mix. The unfortunate thing is that they are to things that are very hard to separate.

Politics is around us all day everyday and for the ninety minutes of a football match or the few weeks you have attend an international sporting event we could imagine it would be very hard to keep in your political views till its all over and for some sports stars they have to keep quiet for as long as their contract says. Some people like Gary Lineker have to be cautious of what they say on tv an social media as it puts them in the jeopardy of losing their sponsors.

Sports and politics can come in conflict so easily because what counts as showing your political view and what does not draws a very fine line. For example, when Pep Guardiola was wearing a yellow ribbon to support Catalonia’s independence. To most the ribbon seemed to be some fashion choice or was practically invisible however to the citizens of Catalonia and Spain the ribbon was the most obvious part of what he was wearing Like a hijab to them it was the first thing they noticed about him and told you what that person believes in. I can understand why some people were offended even though his actions were so subtle. FIFA decided to fine him £20,000. It just shows how easy the two things can mix.

Despite what we think some might disagree with us saying sports and politics should mix because not only will the athletes feel more free to express their political views and will be able to influence people as they share their opinions however this would upset people. If a famous athlete were to say who they would vote for lots of people’s opinions may be twisted causing a lot of conflict.

Like us others say sports and politics should not mix because it would cause a lot of disputes during the game when people should just be enjoying watching the game and the professionals should just enjoy playing the game. We can let simple things that are not offensive to slide,when done outside the game, but when on the pitch no one should be disturbing the game in any way like how Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players took a knee during the national anthem. We do agree some of the racism going on in America is wrong but there are plenty other ways to speak your mind outside of your job still using the power he had. Now he has to face the consequences of allegedly being let go by his manager because of that.

As a round we think that in general sports and politics should not mix small opinions that are shared online that do offend the public should be allowed to be shared at the sportspersons risk. We also think the game should not be disrupted by the players or managers but they should wait to share their views at what they think is a sensible time. Thank you for reading our article on why sports and politics should not mix. We would like hear what you think.

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