Do you think politics should mix with sport?


I, personally, am undecided.

I do not think politics should mix with sport as it would cause too many problems. One of the problems would be that if a very respectable sports player changed their opinion, people might follow them or if they didnt like them, attack them. Also, for every little political view you let slip, people might judge you and start to dislike you.

Being disliked may affect sports people as they get paid by people watching them, cheering them on. If no-one watches them, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid, they get fired. It hits them pretty hard if they don’t get paid.

I think politics and sport should mix because if you want to protest by wearing a black armband, that’s your choice. If your friend or loved one changed their political view you would still support them, wouldn’t you? Why should it be any different for a famous person?

FeministUnicornNo.1, Newbury Park School

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  • BNC-school-logo.jpg methodical_duck
    BNC Example Posts 09 Jul 2018

    Personally I think that politics and sports should remain separate. I have enjoyed watching the world cup as England is playing really well and I think if politics came into it then it would be BORING and would ruin the game.

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