Will the economy be ruined if the UK send men to Mars or the Moon?

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Space race, is it worth it?

Hello people of the news club. This is my first post so I might make mistakes.

Billions are spent each year by NASA that can be spent on othe government departments and possibly on the health so people would not need insurance for health. We have the 7th largest economy but would that mean we will not get enough money to support us. Our GDP per capita may fall behind maybe 🇨🇦 CANADA. As well as less government spending, the taxes will go up. NHS spending will go down and most likely we will have more taxes on that for more NHS spending. We do not have enough money 💵 for us to do it so we would most likely join with NASA.

So, what do you think 🤔? Is it worth it? Why?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    08 Nov 2019

    Welcome to the club! We recommend you get stuck into the comments section to start off with - have a go at replying to other people's comments to begin with then, after a while, write a post if you have a totally new topic to bring up, that hasn't already been brought up. Have fun!

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  • Allerton-logo-250x250.jpg reasoning_honeydew | Allerton High School
    14 Nov 2019

    A very good first post focused_violin, and on a subject that I think is very important. I agree that the money spent by NASA on exploration and research missions should be spent on something else that people think is important and I think it is not really worth putting so much money into these space explorations. But how do you know that we will not have enough money to support us, what will this mean? I think this a subject that needs to be discussed more and I look forward to seeing others' views.

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