Why we should explore space and why we shouldn't

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Exploring space costs a lot of money. Here are arguments of both sides and I will also be sharing my opinion with you.

Why we need to explore space

We have climate change now. If we explore space, we could find a different planet to live on if we are not able to live on earth. Also, if we go to space, we can find out if there are any dangers on there way to earth.

Why we don't need to explore space

Space does not need to be explored any further because we have much more important stuff to handle such as Brexit and climate change. If we do something about climate change on earth, we don't need to find an alternative planet, so we don't need to spend so much money to go to space.


My opinion is that we shouldn't be explorimg space any further because there is no point spending so much money to go to space but then those people don't come back. What are your opinions?

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