Why space?

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People are starting to say that there is no reason to discover space, but there definitely is. There may be however many homeless or malnourished people in the world, but if astronauts are able to find water or oxygen, or any other thing that people need to survive in space, then all of those people who have been waiting years for a safe shelter will finally get one, while most of the wealthy people will be floating in a shuttle.

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  • Hammond School logo perceptive_skill | Hammond Junior School A
    19 Nov 2019

    If we start searching other planets then we could find some resources that would be helpful. It is possible that we could find useful items because we found out that there was once water on Mars so if we keep looking then we could be able to find and introduce new objects. Also, if we do find anything useful we could use it to help the poor and build new buildings and shelters for the homeless.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      perceptive_skill's comment 20 Nov 2019

      That's an interesting idea, perceptive_skill. Have you found any evidence other people in the space industry thinking the same thing?

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    2. Hammond School logo hilarious_fruit | Hammond Junior School A
      perceptive_skill's comment 21 Nov 2019

      We will not be able to find vital recourses on other planets due to Charged particles from the sun began tearing away mars’ once thick atmosphere and astronauts believe we have discovered all of the planets in the universe so the only chance of vital recourses would be out of our universe. That is not possible yet due to it being too far away.

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