What should come first Space or Earth?

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This is a hard question but I want you to sat whether space or Earth is more important.

Why Earth is more important: Earth is more important because it is our home and we need to protect it. We need to do something about climate change and so now we should not worry about space. If we do nothing about climate change then the Earth will be destroyed and we will have no home. We also need to use the money on other thing apart from space travel. We can use the money on children's hospitals and charities such as water aid. We should focus on this for now.

Why space is more important: Space is more important because without it Earth would not be here. We should focus on space travel because we need to find a new planet before the Earth gets destroyed and if we leave it then we will loose billions of people. While trying to find a new planet we can look for chemicals that could help us discover new medicine such as the cure to Cancer. This will be good as we could get 2 jobs done at once. We should focus on this for now.

Which one do you think is more important and why? Help justify your wander by using evidence from the text.

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