What is space ?

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This year is the 50th anniversary of when the first human being landed on the moon.

We know that the first person to landed on the moon was Neil Armstrong .Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20th 1969 ,he was the first man in the world to ever land on the because he had a fully equipt rocket that had enough fuel and oxegon to last him when he was on the moon and on his way back from the moon.

After Neil Armstrong landed on the moon as an NASA candednet ,more and more NASA candedents started landing on the moon like Buzz Aldrin and Charles P Conrad .

The day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon is rememberd because when he landed on the moon he put a flag on the moon to show he had been there but I dont think he should have put the flag on the moon because what if people that landed on the moon after him put lots more flags on the moon then the moon would be full of flags which I dont think in fair because other want to see the wonders of the moon.

Also if my table said what if some one would take the flag then it might make me think that there would be a hole in the moon.

People say that there is a ranger on Mars but I dont think there is because if there is then how did they get on Mars without damaging the engine or steering.

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