Was the moon landing real?

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Was the moon landing of 50 years ago real? This is a question I've been asking myself for a while. Now I have taken the time to research and discover this conspiracy theory.

The Apollo 11 spaceship was launched on the 20th July 1969, this was so long ago that surely some expedition to the moon should have been made since? Now, here is the part where most people start to get suspicious about this so-called "moon landing." Russians go to space all the time, but it seems they've never been to the moon, which gives people an idea that America can't have possibly done it.

Some people believe the photos are fake because there are no stars in the sky. some also question the USA flag which appears to be moving, when there is no air in space.

Some people believe it's impossible for spaceships to pass through the Van Allen Belts. Theses would expose astronauts to levels of radiation which would kill them.

While one in six people believe the moon landing was a hoax, it would be a huge conspiracy to cover up, involving thousands of people.

Perhaps the reason we have not been back to the moon is simply because the world has different priorities and it's a hugely expensive mission.

The astronaughts did come back with moon rock which has been studied by scientists for decades and confirmed as genuine.

You can still see the footprints of the astronauts on the moon from space. Also, some equipment was left behind including retroreflecters and many are still operating today.

As for the Van Allen Belts, the Apollo 11 crew stated that they were in the belts for less than two hours, which puts them within the safe limit of radiation exposure.

Having considered both sides of the argument, I am still not convinced that the moon landing was real.

I used information from http://www.space.com/amp/apollo-11-moon-landing-hoax-believers.html and https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/amp/48774080

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