The great debate of space exploration

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S: This is S from Faraday News. Today we will be interviewing two experts about who are in the ISS. The two guest are Pr. Jand Pr. B. We are going to ask some questions, Pr. B. Do you think Space Exploration is worth the cost?

Pr. B: I think that Space Exploration is worth the cost as it is good for young non-astronauts with big ambitions to get out there. It might alot of money, but loads of people would excited for this opportunity.

Dr.J: 100% I don't think it is worth the cost. They are adding up our rent just so other people can go to space. If we pay the rent we should decide what happens!

S: Those were very interesting opinions. We are going to move on now. Do you think there are other ways to spend the money on Space Exploration?

Dr. J I will be honest, there is no point if the government want us to pay for these astronauts to go to space they should pay it is unfair. The only way I think we could pay for them gojng to space is if the government can pay themselves not for us to have higher rent.

Pr.B: Maybe there are other ways, some that we haven't discovered yet. However, the government, with the tax that they collect, should find new ways. But for now this is the only way.

S: Thank you for your time. Join us next week for more guests.

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