The cost of space exploration

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My opinion of space exploration is that it is a waste of investment and the saftey of citiztns in that region here are my reasons. My first reason is about the money they are investing for example a country like India are spending so much money to beat China in the space race whilst they have so many people living in poverty and also, if you are spending so much money on one thing and it fales you could have invested it on something that could have in packed the country in a good way. My second reason is about the saftey of the peaple living there i have already spoken about it a little but now i'm going more in deapth , the reason it could afect the people in that country is because 1.when a rocket sets of it leavs a trail of smoke which pulutes the air,2.It also might afect the family of the astronaught because if he was to die on the rocket the family would probably sue NASA and they might possibaly lose money paying the family the life insurans to the family .Finally you have reached the last point 3.The cost of the environment .When a rocket takes of it leaves a trail of smoke and that

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