Space travel:haven or hell ?

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The vast array of space in comparison to the minute space of our home planet is the distance between our survival and expansion to the extinction of our whole civilisation due to the evergrowing population of our planet. The option of planetary terraformation often occurs as a solution but due to the multiple factors against it result in the immediate unaknowledgement of the suggestion. The solution is opposed with the time of the process and how long the alteration of the planet would take as well as the unignorable cost of an estimation that comes up to £3 trillion for Mars to be hospitable for a few thousand years.

Traveling through space is also a required factor due to the consistent faliure of any human traveling further than the moon and the next goal is Mars but it has too far a distance for any form of present technology with a such large surface area as well as the accommodation of an entire crew of people. However rover that are sent to begine the exploration of Mars are unable to retrieve samples and return to earth however if humans were able to create a shuttle that was made of carbon fibre that could hold hundreds of solar panels along the exterior walls the shuttle may be able to reach Mars with a crew and search or retrieve materials that have a high biosignature preservation potential.

My enquiry for you is what is your suggestion to travel the vast amplitude of space in a way that does not increase global warming.

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