Space exploration debate.

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Space exploration is were we are sending astronauts into space and we are finding out information on space and other planets.

By spirited_pear and jolly_seahorse,

In this debate we have two teams a For side and a Against side who will be ask four question and will answer them.

Will England still be in the iss after brexit?

Is Mars special?

Should we make a new iss?

Does space exploration effect global warming?


1.Yes they will because it is the international space station and we are part of that and they can not take that away from us.

2.Mars is special because it is like earth and it has 4 seasons and 24 hours in a day.Also we want to go and find descoverys and live on mars so that is why it is special.

3.We should because it means we can make more descovery and have more people working on space. Woth that we are one step closer to living in space.

4.No because we have a robot that goes and collects space junk and pollution.Also it helps us find information about space.


1.I think that the uk will be in the ISS after brexit because ISS stands for international space station so as we will be leaving the EU not the earth will stay in it.

2. No mars is not special because it is basically another planet and we can't even breath on there!

3. No we should not build another international space station because it is the most expensive object ever made, costing 150 billion dollar!

4. It dose effcat global warming because the fumes in the rocket gets trapped in the atmosphere and destroys the earth.

jolly_seahorse's opinion:

My opinion is that space exploration is awful and should be stopped!

spirited_pear opinion:

My opinion is that space exploration is terrible for the earths atmosph

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