Should We Stick To Exploring Earth?

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In this selection, I will be discussing both reasons why we should and shouldn't stay to exploring Earth.

We Should Because...

  • Over 90% of our own oceans have not been discovered, and 99% of our oceans floors have not been discovered either.Aproxamately 65% of Earth as a whole - including dry land- is undiscovered too!We should save the money and explore the land we live on!
  • It costs more than 16 billion pounds per year to explore space! It cost around 10000 to 40000 per day to operate an ocean exploration, if we spend the money we spend on space on the ocean, we would be able to use more than a year exploring.

We Shouldn't Because...

  • Exploring space will give more knowlegde about Earth and the space that helps our planet live, we should know about this beacause we can understand more and have a bigger view on life.
  • We have already spent so much money and explored so much of space, some people have even dedicated their lives on it! So why should we just take that away from them?

Based on these, it can be pretty had to make a decision, but I have come to a conlusion that we should explore space, but whilst doing that, explore Erath aswell. This way, we are getting even more knowlegde about life as possible.

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