Should we go to space?

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I don't think we should go to space as we have a lot to deal with down here on Earth such as pollution in our air and sea ,the Amazon rain forest being on fire, global warming and many others.

Why should we go when Earth is dyeing , we need to deal with the problem here and now before they can involve into a worst problem then they started. Although we need to go to space it leave a lot space junk that will one day come crashing into the Earth and might kill , not to mention the fact it cost over thousands of pounds to make one ship which just end up making more mess for us to clear up in the near future if it doesn't kill us first. I know people are going to say we should explore so we can find things like new technology and cures but I don't see the point as your trying to save a planet which is killing itself by polluting it water and not doing anything about global warning maybe a small amount of people are trying to help but that's not enough. Another point is that space actually really dangerous it has no air so we can't breath , if you run out of fuel in your space ship your trapped in space. If there life out there how do we know it's not dangerous and won't kill us ,we have never come in contact with other life forms before. What if a war starts how are we going to defend our self and is there much point as our planet is going to die because of our actions.

In conclusion , I don't think we should go as it is too risky at the moment but I not saying we should never go not until we solve the problems on Earth first.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    06 Jan 2020

    Thanks for sharing your final thoughts on this topic. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the new topic!

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