Should we go to Mars and is it worth the cost

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This is about if humans should travel to Mars .

i think that we should travel to Mars because if the pollution on earth gets too bad then we could get a new place to live and it would be useful to see what it is like to live on a different planet and it could help with the discoveries on how the solar system was born . There is a huge problem though two of them to be exact. The first one is money , the mission to Mars could be really expensive and could be a waste because the mission could not be successful and lots of money could have been wasted when we could have used it for new homes and other important things. The second problem is the health of the astronauts , if they get ill or come down with a bad desiese who would be there to help them or if they get injured who will help them. Ther are lots of pros and cons for traveling to Mars so is it worth the cost ? Should we travel to Mars ? The question keeps on running .

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