Should we attempt to live on other planets?

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There are many reasons why we should/should not live on other planets such as:

  • A NASA astronaut called Ron Garan has said

''We should not be abandoning hope for continued life on planet Earth in favor of rubbing shoulders with Martians''


''I think we should explore other planets, but I don’t think we should abandon this planet to go live on Mars. It just doesn’t make any logical sense that we would leave this planet for an inhospitable one like Mars. First of all, if we can’t even “terraform”—which is to control our climate and environment—our own planet, what makes us think that we can go to another planet and control the environment there? If we developed the capability to terraform and create atmospheres and climates on other planets, then we should apply that capability to benefit our home planet.''

  • Dr Philip Metzger from the University of Central Florida has said that “Water is abundant in space,” “It exists as ice in the Moon's dark polar craters, it is stored in the clay minerals in many asteroids, and it is found in a variety of forms on Mars. On Mars there are many candidates from which water could be extracted, including the regolith (soil), hydrated minerals, and old glaciers buried under the surface.''
  • However if we decided to live on another planet we would need to create oxygen , water , food and many others that many of us on earth take for granted. We would be able to bring food and trees and plants and other esentials from Earth but if we are destroying our planet now then what would we do with a new one? Furthermore, I don't believe we could find water that easily on other planets especially as there are so many humans alive today and we would need a lot. As well if we used all the water on Mars what would we drink? Humans have a way of destroying important things because of greediness as we can see from climate change. What would we do with the planet if we destroyed Mars as well? Where would we go?
  • Even though it has several drawbacks living on a different planet could be cool and future generations could experience two different planets. It would be educational as they could actually see one of the planets they're learning about!

In Conclusion we need to solve the problems on earth not run away. Also we need to be grateful for our planet because it already has most of our essentials already and if we went to another planet we would have to make the essentials ourselves. What do you think?

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  • Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
    02 Dec 2019

    I believe that we should try and let other people live on other planets because this could really help the environment as the world would not be as crowded and busy. It would also let other people try and discover many more things about space.
    We could try and let people go up to space by:
    . Finding a safe place for people to stay on.
    . Building homes and shops and then bringing supplies up such as food.
    . Check the level of gravity so then we know if we need special clothes.
    . Sending robots up to space to see if they survive.
    So we should try and send people up to space because it would be a new opportunity.

    On the other hand maybe it is not safe for people to live on space also it would be very upsetting because you would have to leave family members at home so you would not be able to see them, You would not be able to bring kids as the age limit and children would not get the right education if they were in space.
    Why it is not safe in space:

    . No supplies such as food.
    . No gravity.
    . No homes.
    . No work.

    Therefore I believe that we should try with robots but not with real people then if the robots come back safe then maybe we could just send people there on holiday but I think it is to dangerous to live there.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      genius_chocolate's comment 02 Dec 2019

      You have given reasons for either side here, genius_chocolate. However, to think about this further, what would be the first things that would need to be built or made on a new planet?

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      1. Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 03 Dec 2019

        I think that we would need to build some homes, food shops and a safe zone. The safe zone could be used if something goes wrong. For example the gravity is getting bad we could all go into this safe zone so then we don't get lost as we will just fly away with no gravity. The food shops we will also need as it will give us food which we could try and some how deliver to planets. Homes will be needed as people who live on them will need a shelter.

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  • Hammond School logo careful_fox | Hammond Junior School C
    02 Dec 2019

    I disagree on this opinion because we have a planet to live on but I think other planets we should be able to explore and it could be an unforgettable experience.i think your opinion and idea was a very good idea but we all have different opinions.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      careful_fox's comment 02 Dec 2019

      What planets would be good to explore?

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  • Hammond School logo spirited_pear | Hammond Junior School A
    02 Dec 2019

    No I do not think people should live in space because we are already damaging earth and we should not go and damage other planet.Also there would not be a food or water supply so it would be impossible for us to survive.

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  • Hammond School logo thoughtful_snow | Hammond Junior School A
    02 Dec 2019

    I think we should go to another planet to grow more population and if the world is getting to populated we can go to another plan to grow more population and we will have a plan b if the world ends so we will have a second planet to live on. We did already have a rumour of going to mars so that could be are second planet if we can't do it on mars we could go to another planet like Jupiter and so we can definitely have a second planet when earth ends and it will also make science more advanced seeing the other planets and what they look like

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      thoughtful_snow's comment 02 Dec 2019

      How likely is it that we will be able to live on Mars?

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  • Hammond School logo awesome_vegetable | Hammond Junior School A
    02 Dec 2019

    I believe that we should not attempt to live on another planet , I will explain why down below.
    1.We would not have any food or water this is an vital part of our life as we wouldn’t survive days without it.
    2. There’re could not be any oxygen this would mean we would not be able to breathe as we all know we would die.

    Yes it would not be as crowded but the safest option is to stay on earth as it has all the things we need to have a happy and healthy life.

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  • Hammond School logo excellent_brain | Hammond Junior School B
    03 Dec 2019

    I believe that we should as right now Earth,climate change may be the very biggest problem to happen in 4.543 billion years and it may be the reason of why we need to move through the universe adventuring through hunderds of planets & exo planets because we keep polluting each planet but there are reasons why we should:
    . Gives us a new chance of reviving our destructive race
    . Find a planet with a better atmosphere than our planet
    . Maybe it's the right next step to the human race as we can spread out through the universe finding new things that we couldn't on Earth
    Although there is always the possibility that we may end up travelling through space waiting for our eternal death or we may destroy all of our universe killing everything.And there are things we need to look out for like:
    . Planets with no gravity or o2 that we can not breath
    . Creatures that we may not of knew existed that are predators
    . Relativity(difference of time on planets)
    . Black holes throughout space
    There are many reasons that we should/shouldn't but I believe we should take the risk and expand our knowledge of everything and travel through space.

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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg passionate_dinosaur | Portobello High School
    04 Dec 2019

    Yeah I think we should have two planets we can live on so there is more space for more of us to live but there is one problem food and water because most likely they won’t have anything for us to eat or drink on the other planets

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School unbiased_honeyberry | Lyons Hall Primary School D
    04 Dec 2019

    I think we should live on another planet as well because we need more space for more houses as there are homeless people on this planet and we don't want them to die however we would basically need to build whole new world which would take a long time.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      unbiased_honeyberry's comment 04 Dec 2019

      This is interesting - do you think we will have to move off of Earth through overcrowding?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School brilliant_satsuma | Lyons Hall Primary School D
    05 Dec 2019

    I think we shouldn't because we could die but at the same time we should in case the earth heats up to much then we might have to live on another planet

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  • Hillyfield School logo wonderful_independence | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    06 Dec 2019

    I really like your post because
    It included loads of information
    It gave important quotes and information
    It included loads of bullet points and significant information

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  • Hammond School logo free_hedgehog | Hammond Junior School A
    06 Dec 2019

    I do not we should attempt it because earth is still in a good shape and we can still live on it.And also we would be wasting millions of money on stuff we already will be hard to live on other planets because the planet might not have the needed resources to live such as:water,soil and enough oxygen to live. (Good post)

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