ROBOTS or HUMANS - which one would make a better explorer?

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This question has come to my attention a lot during this issue so I thought I'd write on what I think about it.

Firstly, ROBOTS are more intelligent than humans and can also store lots of different information in them. So if in this case, NASA needed a bit of information like what time an asteroid is going to pass Earth or when a solar eclipse will happen the ROBOT in space can calculate it and send it directly to the Agency without any difficulties - but if a HUMAN tried they would have to face sending the data , calculating it and most importantly gravity.

On the other hand, HUMANS can see a wider view and have qualites that a robot doesn't like: common sense, logic, technology, emotions and in some ways less bulkier.What I mean is that ROBOTS are more heavier, more expensive and more bulkier which means that if on part breaks on th ROBOT it could cost hundreds of pounds/dollars however if a HUMAN broke a bone or got sick it wouldn't cost much but they would have a Space Doctor there and if it was worse they would have to abort the mission - there isn't a ROBOT doctor either so they would blow it up or bring it back down to be re-programmed or fixed.

Besides , ROBOTS can have cameras installed in them so HUMANS can also see what the ROBOT is doing or seeing whilst exploring. Making an even clearer point, ROBOTS don't need oxygen but us HUMANS can't live without it!This makes ROBOTS a better option rather than HUMANS. As I have said in my first reason, "ROBOTS are more intelligent than humans and can also store lots of different information in them" so if that is the case ROBOTS could store all of that on a visual memory card and bring back down to Earth so that we can view it again and again and again.HUMANS can bring a camera but they would need to charge it, start it up and the rest of it before they can even press record therefore ROBOTS are the better option.

Personally, HUMANS going up into space is a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity and if we let ROBOTS take over for us then it would be a shame becayse chilldren have dreamed and have hoped in what one day they'll become one of the astronauts that go to space but if we carry on with the path we're taking, that'll be the case but dreams will be shattered.If missions are too hard for a HUMAN to do itself then a ROBOT can of course step in because it will do the same job as the person would have done.But if for saftey reasons a ROBOT should go then let it do its job because after all the ROBOT is just doing the same job as our astronauts!

In this article I have justified a few points on what the pros and cons on ROBOTS then HUMANS.I hope you enjoyed it - please comment below on what you think!

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