meticulous_twilight-Is it really worth the cost?

Paul: Hello and welcome to BBC NEWS after a short break. Like I said, today we are going to have a debate between two important guests. Let me introduce you to Amber and Sophie. Today, they are debating over a question that you might find familiar. Is is worth the cost going to space?Amber, what do you think?

Amber: In my opinion, I think it is worth the cost because, even though it is about £250,000 to go to space, there are many things that we can make. For example, the national space station.

Sophie: I don't think it is worth the cost at all. Did you know about the amount of deaths that can be caused by going to space?!

Paul:Do you have a reply to this Amber?

Amber:Yes I do in fact. I am here because I well and truly think that it is worth the cost to go to space. I think this because we have found many valuable rocks and minerals in space. Let's see what you think about that.

Sophie: Well, I think that it is just a waste of money.

Paul: OK, thank you girls. It is now the end of our debate. Goodbye for now. Why dont you tell us what you think?

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