Is The Money Worth It?

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This must be what is like to be totally immersed in a world of devastation. A world where we didn't take a chance and, that led to its downfall. I feel cheated by the authorities, they tried to get us to change to stop them forking out for spacetravel. They made us all convert to electric cars but did not understand that those very cars are more than many of our budgets. We began walking everywhere, then they started taking away little things that cause green house gases, to make our lives miserable. Because for them it is easier. As all of them will have long passed by the time we face our fate but we will face their consequences. Though they start with little things I'm sure that it will go on taking away our rights until we are on the same level as animals.

So is the money worth it?

The trials and tribulations that will face us either way will make a big impact on our lives but in my view we should take the risk as at least then we can say that we have done our bit.

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