Is Space exploration worth the cost?

In my opinion, Space Exploration is worth the cost because a lot of medical research has come from going to space and NASA researching space. From space exploration humans have also discovered more about the human body by sending one twin into space and keeping the other twin on earth. They found that when the first twin had gotten back from space, his genes were different to the other twin! Another reason why space exploration is worth the cost is because right now, climate change is going on on earth, which could consequently ruin our planet, but, if we find another planet somewhere else in space suitable for life, all we need to do is get there so we do not have to worry as much about climate change, due to space.

As I have just said, space exploration could help us with climate change but it is also one of the main reasons that is actually causing it. This is because a huge 34% of all of earths polluting is from rockets that are launching into space, so, from another view space exploration is not worth it because it is causing itself to have to find another planet by polluting the earth. Another reason why space exploration might not be worth the cost is because in India, the government are practically prioritising space exploration over their next generation because 40% of India's children are suffering from malnutrition because India is spending too much money on space that they could be spending to help children get the right nutrients.

Another reason why space exploration could be worth the cost is that we might be able to research more in the future and find valuable materials to help us on earth and find more ways to cure worse diseases like cancer and there are many inventions that we would not have without space, some almost vital to human survival, such as:

  • Artificial limbs
  • CAT Scans
  • Water Purification Systems etc, etc

I hope you enjoyed my final piece of this topic, BNC. (I hope it wasn't too short).


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