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Dear Readers,

im writting to you about a very fascinating topic,SPACE EXPLORATION,now there are many opinions and facts all pursuing both positive and negatives about Space exploration but inspite all of that i agree its worth the cost!

For those debating the worth of space exploration, things often turn towards the issue of how many problems we have here on Earth. As the argument goes, between climate change, hunger, overpopulation and underdevelopment, we've got enough challenges here at home, and these should take priority over exploring and/or establishing a human presence on other worlds.

For example, in a recent op-ed piece, Amitai Etzioni - an adviser to the Carter administration - countered some of the arguments for colonizing Mars and other planets in the Solar System (as put forth by luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk). Addressing the argument that humanity needed to do so in order to survive long-term, Etzioni wrote:

"[W]hat the droughts, the fires, the hot summers, and the melting glaciers call for is not an escape from Earth, but a redoubling of the efforts to save it... What is needed are major technological breakthroughs that will allow for protecting earth while sustaining a healthy level of economic activity... To make such breakthroughs we need major concentrations of research and development resources, talent, and leadership, all of which are in short supply. Hence, any serious Mars endeavor will inevitably cut into the drive to save Mother Earth."

While some negatives do have some logic for example:it will cost a lot of money,they are correct but the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages as at the moment we are in a crisis of many issues like overpopulation,lack of resources so all that time and money wasted now will benefit the tommorow, by adapting,by surviving and if we can find planets preferably in our solar system interface it would decrease costs and time and resources in fact an example of a good planet is a neighbouring one,The red planet or commonly known as Mars. Is it safe to live on Mars?Living on Mars cannot be considered entirely risk-free, in particular during the first few yearsAn essential component of the settlement could be affected

There is a chance that an astronaut might not survive if his or her Mars Suit were to become seriously damaged during a mission outside of the habitat

Certain medical conditions are not treatable on Mars,however thanks to modern science and technology we can colonize mars to our needs and preventing past mistakes,global warming,fossil fuels etc.

Living on Mars is comparable to getting by on i.e. Antarctica, and provides similar challenges. However, the South Pole now has a number of very advanced, large research stations that boast a great deal of modern facilities that provide a good quality of life. On Mars this development still has to be kick started,thats all and we do currently have bases that are advancing and progressing.We could establish water filters and/or oxygen vents all channeled by underground chemicals

Inspite of all of these negatives i believe in the human race and i hope these suggestions have proven my point

Thank You


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