Is Mars the next planet for humans?

There's a lot of good things about mars and I believe through the weeks there has been a lot of mixed discussion on this subject and I would like to talk about it as it isn't very important:

  • Humans have only travelled to the moon,and mars would be that small but massive step for man kind,if we were to move to space because of growth of population or pollution then mars would be the correct next step as we have space suits with oxygen tanks and so if we create a base on mars and we filter out all the oxygen that we can't breath and fill it with oxygen that we can breath then over time we could invite more people to live on mars, the reason to why mars would be right for us to next live on is as there's are a lot of things in common,mars has 24 hours and 36 minute days, it has 4 seasons and there are signs that it used to have water on its surface which personally makes me think it may have absorbed into its surface and has emptied it all into its surrounding of its core which means we could dig and find the water and bring it back the surface.
  • There are also many reasons why we shouldn't,as we have lived on Earth for 200,000 years and so to just leave it after we completely destroyed it would be proving our race is really lazy. There must be a reason as to why humans only exist on Earth we shouldn't just leave it so suddenly its completely wrong there's so much we don't know like did you know that we have only travelled through 5 to 10% of the ocean and we already have plans to leave Earth behind what if we find something revaloutionary that could improve this generation on a huge scale. All I'm saying is its way to soon to leave Earth theres tons we don't know.

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