How are we going to go to Mars?

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How are we going to travel the 140 million miles to Mars

For many space programs, the goal to go to Mars has been going on for decades. Although some space missions can start taking place anywhere between 10&30 years after they are drafted. So how long will it take us to go to Mars?


When we finally find a way to Mars, we will come back and forth. When we start these trips, we will return every 26 months. Missions are typically planned to be in one of these launch windows. But, it will take us ages to get to Mars, it takes 9 months to get to mars, then it's a 500 day wait, then it's another 9 months to get back from Mars. Altogether that's 2 years and 10 months!


Many bots have landed on Mars:

  • Mars 3
  • Viking 2 & 3
  • Mars Pathfinder
  • Curiosity
  • Spirit
  • Oppertunity
  • InSight
  • Phoenix

But we, as humans, haven't. The landing on Mars will be a hard one. With engineers traverling back and forth to the drawing board. Although, we already have 2 options, we could land by rockets or aerocapture


Opinions have varied about the money we need for space exploration. Some people believe that we should spend the money on other things, like Robotic exploration. We have been told that it will cost 500 billion dollars, or , shockingly, more.

So, what do you think about Mars, can we do it?

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  • Hammond School logo aware_pie | Hammond Junior School C
    09 Dec 2019

    This is a great work

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  • Hammond School logo awesome_vegetable | Hammond Junior School A
    09 Dec 2019

    I believe that, even though Mars is the closest planet to Earth, humans could not make the journey there. This is because minerals found on Earth that are needed inside human bodies cannot be sourced on other planets, and lack of those things could result in death.
    (I.e. Iron. Your body needs enough iron to make a 2.5mm screw.)

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    1. Hammond School logo exuberant_orangutan | Hammond Junior School C
      awesome_vegetable's comment 09 Dec 2019

      This is not that accurate because we would take the minerals with us and grow some in atmospheric domes

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  • Hammond School logo genius_flute | Hammond Junior School A
    09 Dec 2019

    A SkyHook would be a possible way to get to Mars and other planets

    A SkyHook would orbit the earth and would be used as a ladder for spacecrafts to travel up and get a 'free' boost. This could work even better if it were spinning - this would work with a counterweight holding a long cable in place which rotates around a circle. A rotating SkyHook slows down its tip relative to the ground at the bottom and speeds it up at the top like a catapult. Because of this, you could transfer energy from the SkyHook to your craft, giving you a huge boost (equal to twice its velocity). This is not science fiction, as fibres that can survive the extreme stress it would be put under. And it's not like we need huge rockets costing millions of pounds, either. We could use small reusable crafts that could catch onto it. However, it's quite alot harder than simply flying up and catching it problem-free. At its lowest point, the tip is speeding through the sky at 12,00 kmph. Also, there is only a small 60-90 second period to catch a tiny object zooming through the atmosphere. To make it easier, we could attach a sort of fishing line with a navigation drone at the end to help the crafts latch on. This would make space travel low cost, quick and (relatively) easy, especially if we have a set (.e.g. one around Earth and one around Mars).

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      genius_flute's comment 10 Dec 2019

      Please make sure all research is written in your own words!

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School productive_hen | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    10 Dec 2019

    I think that as you have enough money to go to the moon you will just need to build up more money or you could make a fundraiser and then people can visit mars, people donate fundraisers so you will be able to get enough money to get to mars. People can then experience more about space

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  • Hammond School logo sociable_volcano | Hammond Junior School B
    10 Dec 2019

    We should go to mars when we have much more advanced technology. We can't go up to orbit with a basic rocket to fly 140 million miles. This was a great Post and it got me thinking. The robots got up there pretty much unharmed and there was no humans with them. We don't know if there are black-holes addicted to human's flesh that far out. That is something the robots can't find out but unfortunately we can. For example, the only way we can try is if we send an absolutely crazy guy up who is willing to risk his life to explore space. If it is fine and they come back unharmed, it should be safe

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  • Hammond School logo giving_elephant | Hammond Junior School A
    13 Dec 2019

    You could build a rocket to go to Mars and also by 2030 trump will build a rocket

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  • Hammond School logo patient_mouse | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Dec 2019

    Dear exuberant_orangutan
    This is an amazing post.Its filled with a lot of facts and I think is a very good post .
    Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This has been patient_mouse

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  • Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
    14 Dec 2019

    I agree that currently it would be hard to travel to mars but space travel is constantly getting more capable to travel further distances as we have already sent robots to mars, like you said, so humans just need to develop the technology of rockets like all of the bots so humans really can travel to mars in the future, and also the company SpaceX are planning to start launching humans to mars by the mid 20s. (2024, 2025, 2026).

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