Hong Kong in crisis

Hong Kong in crisis

In 1997 a deal was made between China and Hong Kong called the one country two systems. This was a deal made for England to hand over Hong Kong to China. This deal was supposed to keep Hong Kong’s human rights until 2047. Unfortunately, this deal did not last that long as China is already trying to take away Hong Kong’s human right.


On one hand, some people would say to intervene with this situation because of the history we have with Hong Kong and that it is our responsibility to make sure that the deal made with China is fair and everyone follows it. On the other hand, some people would prefer to stay away as it might mess up our trading systems and China has one of the biggest armys in the world. If we intervene, we might get on China’s nerves and they might stop our trading system and we would not have our daily resources.

My thoughts

My personal opinion is that we should not get involved as the risk with trading is too high and if we intervene China might send over their army and we would have no chance winning.

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