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Host: Good afternoon, my name is Miraculous Gazelle. Today, we are discussing whether space exploration is worth the cost. We are joined by Artistic Gooseberry and Plucky Instrument who are very passionate about this. Artistic Gooseberry is arguing against the motion, and Plucky Instrument is arguing for it.

Can you tell me why so much money is spent on space exploration?

Plucky Instrument: Money goes to every major program involved of NASA and 5 billion goes to more Space exploration.

Artistic Gooseberry: In 2015, $17.5 billion was spent on space exploration by NASA. $3 billion is spent annually to keep ISS going. It takes so much time and money to develop these products, which then leads to more jobs such as building, selling and repairing.

Host: Am I right in saying that space travel will happen as soon as the media has been telling us?

Plucky Instrument: Yes; it will happen no earlier than November 2020.

Artistic Gooseberry: No, it’s not; the media just want to sell newspapers just to make a profit.

Host: Are there any reason to disagree that space explorations has benefited the world?

Plucky Instrument: Absolutely not, satellites help with wireless headphones and sending messages.

Artistic Gooseberry: The reasons to go to space would be to have a great time and would be good for human knowledge however there is a significant adverse affect on long-term weightlessness, which includes muscle atrophy and deterioration of the skeleton.

Host: Can you clarify for me the problems associated with space travel?

Plucky Instrument: I don't think there are any problems as it opens new domains in science and technology. We get more power generation, energy, storage, recycling waste, advanced robotics, medicine, computers and software.

Artistic Gooseberry: They have a lack of oxygen and pressure although temperature and radiation also cause or pose risks. There are effects of space exposure that can result in hypoxia or decompression sickness.

Audience: Do you think that NASA can be trusted?

Plucky Instrument: Yes, it can be trusted; NASA has techniques that are used to make sure anyone who does space travel is safe, and a very low percentage get hurt.

Artistic Gooseberry: I don’t believe NASA should be trusted,as I said before, the person going into space has a lack of oxygen and they could suffer effects of long-term weightlessness which includes muscle atrophy and deterioration of the skeleton.

Host: Thank you for watching and have a good afternoon!

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    08 Jan 2020

    I think space exploration is worth the cost because:
    Firstly, it has benefited many people. Satellites have enabled telecoms which means that news can spread more quickly, satellites monitor the weather, this is beneficial because the satellite can send the information to Earth and people can be evacuated thus saving lives. Without space exploration we would not have water purification systems, they have allowed us to drink clean water this means that people, when they drink water, will not have to fear for their lives. Artificial limbs have allowed people who have missing limbs to do the things they love this means that the person who is missing limbs can live an independent happy life and without space exploration we would be far back in cancer research, so much more things which have come from space exploration have benefited people's lives.
    I do not think space exploration is worth the cost because:
    Firstly, launching the average rocket costs nearly 500 million dollars, I understand that the private sector has lowered that price but for the public sector it costs hundreds of million of dollars, this money could be spent on reducing poverty, the number of rough sleepers has doubled since 2010, in 2050 it is estimated that there will be 899 million tonnes of plastic in the sea, we need to invest more in cleaning the seas. We should also spend all that money on education and healthcare but that money is put towards space exploration, launching a rocket contributes to climate change, launching one rocket emits nearly 30 tonnes of CO2, we are in a climate emergency, we can not afford to keep contributing to climate change. In addition to this, space exploration is also very risky, lives could be lost, in 1967 three astronauts died in a flash fire in a launch rehearsal test, the same could happen again if we continue sending people in to space.
    Skills shown- open mindedness, I used brain stand and reasoning, I explained my reasons clearly and supported them with evidence.

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