Could WE inhabit Mars

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It is a yes and a no from me since Nasa hasnt fully explored it and due to the water on the planet it is very possible their could be unidentified life forms which could possibly be dangerous. If mars has at least some kind of oxygen, probably not , we would most definetely be unable to live there. But there is possible chances and we will find out as scientific research continus. Recently, 3-4 female astronauts were meant to go to Mars but Nasa hadnt made the suit big and strong enough to with stand the air pressure and could not hold enough oxegyn. But it is obvious Nasa is trying to discover more and I think they are on to something, something big.

It is most likely the next inter galactic mission will be taken to Mars with the correct equipment to withstand the circumstances. Lastly I think we would not be able to inhabit Mars due to the sudden storms and unexpected weather conditions. It is possible scientists could figure out the weather in Mars using the equipment usec on Earth ut the weather and signal could affect the outcome and we would not be prepared.

In summar, I believe we could NOT inhabit Mars..

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    07 Nov 2019

    There is already a post on this, grateful_crab. Could you copy and paste it as a comment there?

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  • The Sherwood School giving_orangutan | The Sherwood School
    07 Nov 2019

    This is an amazing post grateful_crab however I do not agree with you because I think that we could inhabit Mars by having the right equipment. As well as this, NASA can also make bigger suits but they need money. This year they have spent over $20 billion on probes equipment and facilities which has led to a downfall on their money. NASA are going to send another probe to Titan (moon of Saturn) and are going to get information on how they can land on Titan. If people did go to Mars then we would have a long journey to Mars which will probably take around 3 months to arrive there. If they arrive there then they will try and look for a place to set up all their things on the planet Mars. If I were to agree with grateful_crab I would say that he is right because how are we supposed to know that there is life on the planet and if there is what are we going to do?

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