Why people protest?

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Ever since the BLM lives matters happend there had happend many issues which was related to protesting I was shocked when the BLM matters live protest happend we humans have a beautiful blessing which is speaking but sometimes we misuse this gift.

Many people protested on the streets for the Climate change issue and I agree with people that says we should stop climate change as we are hurting the enviroment and causing many things in our planet like deforeststation,ice caps melting animals are almost going to be extinct.

I believe the people who protest about climate change are right we should reduce the amount of plastic that we use as millions of plastics gets washed up in the beach and think about the animals who accidentally eat plastic bags and thinking it was gelly fishes.

If we just sit here thinking that people who are protesting on the streets are just saying nothing won’t help we need to step up and think about what we do to hurt Mother Nature and the fact that people who are trying their best to make sure that people can hear them or listen to them atleadt and spread awarness.

Thanking for reading.

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