Why is protesting important?

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Protesting is important because it makes black people not feel alone. In the message of ''BLACK LIVES MATTER'' it has an imporatant message that means '' You are not alone!'' This makes them feel that they are not the only one's out there.

Other's opinion:

Other's think that yes, it's important , but on the other hand people think it is just a waste of time. But what those people don't know is that Protests play an important part in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural life of all societies.When people gather together to spread the message for other's it helps the whole world to understand the importance of the citizens no matter what race/Human Categorization they are.

My opinion:

When ever I see people participating in protest's, on the news, I can imagine how happy the black people are when they see other's standing up for each other because, at school people be mean to me but others stand up for me and once they do it I do the same for them/or other people who are being bullied, It's like spreading an important message which says ''Pass the favour forward''.

Advice to pass on to other's:

When ever you see someone who is being bullied or being treated unfairly,Don't just walk away and not bother to help them,Go to them, stand up for them and speak up for that person. Say the message ''Pass the favour forward'' and they will understand and they will do the same thing you have done for them. (Also) It is like a circle of life!!!!

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