Why does the police get involved with protests?

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Hello, my name is protective dusk, and I am here to discuss, Why does the police get involved with protests.

At anytime of the year, protests can start to occur and someone or something has to deal with it. Those people are the police. Police get involved with protests very often. They need to deal with any bad behaviour or illegal action. But why do they get involved? Well, they need to deal with many problems like, as I said, bad behaviour. I will list a few reasons down now:

1. They need to be there to keep everybody safe. I mean, it would get to violent otherwise!

2. They need to arrest people who are breaking the law, or doing the wrong thing.

3. They need to be there to deal with any dangerous, or normal situations that happen in a protest.

4. They need to protect any important people or specific places. For example, the protest that happened a few weeks ago in Washington. Lots of policeman were there to help protect the building and the people inside, but at the same time trying to keep the protesters out.

That is a few reasons why the police need to be there, but whilst the police are there, do they do any nasty or harmful things as well? The answer is yes. Sometimes the police can go a bit over the top, and hurt of harm people with violence. In specific countries, the police can even kill people! It depends what country you are in. Luckily, we are here, and the police would not hopefully harm people on purposely.

So, the police do need to be there to deal with things, otherwise it would get completely out of control. But, also, they do need to be careful as well.

Thank you for reading my post.


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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    27 Jan 2021

    Thanks for starting this discussion, protective_dusk! Just to confirm, there have been police brutality cases even here in the UK but you're right, in some other countries (such as Belarus, as mentioned in the Issue) it is much more common. You say that police need to be at protests otherwise "it would get violent". Do you think all protests would be violent unless the police were there?

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    1. Hammond School logo fair_studio | Hammond Junior School F
      Katie @ the BNC's comment 29 Jan 2021

      about your last sentence I think that some protests get violent because the police were there because people get angry at the police for trying to stop them. Though I'm not sure just my idea.

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  • Hammond School logo fair_studio | Hammond Junior School F
    29 Jan 2021

    In the black lives matter protests the police looked like soldiers not police and with them having gas mask's and throwing tear gas it really seemed like they were trying to stop the protest with brute force.

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  • Hammond School logo shy_wombat | Hammond Junior School E
    29 Jan 2021

    All the protests are very common in some places so if they get well very bad then they should have the right to get on the same level otherwise they can get picked off

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  • Hammond School logo careful_idea | Hammond Junior School B
    29 Jan 2021

    I agree but I don't think they need to be there all the time. I think the police only need to be at a protest if it is getting out of hand like if people were getting violent but if people are protesting peacefully and not causing any harm to anything and not blocking the traffic I think the police do not ned to get involved

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  • Braiswick Primary School buzzing_morning | Braiswick Primary School
    29 Jan 2021

    This was very interesting

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  • Preston Manor School neat_situation | Preston Manor School
    02 Feb 2021

    i also agree but i dont they need to be there al the time like at the BML protest they had way more police than tghey needed to

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