why do protesters cause a riot

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what damage is caused?

During a big protest people can burn cars hurt people and destroy properties because they think something is not right and the only way to make it right is to destroy things. Usually the riot police need to intervene and if necessary detain and to be able to keep order in the streets. Sometimes the police and the protesters can get seriously injured or even die.


So if you see people protesting or get a message about a riot protest Don't participate these kind of protests are bad and can get people in alot of trouble and can even go to jail for arson,vandalism and physical abuse against police. For just being part of the riot alone can be fined a lot of money so please dont be involed in this kind of protest.

what type of protests are fine?

So we have talked about bad protests such as a riot but there are other types of protests that are fine to take part in. The type of protests that are good are ones about climate change and these types of protests are local because I have done small protests myself im not in jail. What im saying is that you can get involved in good protests maybe with your friends and family but if it gets out of hand then leave. Protesting a good way for your voice to be heard and the goverment doesn't mind people protesting as long as you dont break any laws.

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