Why do people sometimes use violence in protest?

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Hello, my name is protective_dusk, and I am here to discuss the question, Why do people sometimes use violence in protest?

So, first things first, why do people use it? Well, here are a few reasons I have thought up. Protests can turn violent, because the police sometimes uses violence. This is called police brutality. This is where the police get aggressive if people are doing really silly things. The police are kind of quite a role model service. So, if protesters see the police using violence, the protesters will just think that they can use it because a role model service is using it. Another reason why people use violence is because they just want to use it to get attention, or because people have just had enough.

Everbody knows that violence can happen in protests, but is it necessary to use it?

Overall, violence is not necessary. People can get hurt, and it just gets you nowhere. You end up hurting a lot more people then you are supposed to, and you will just get yourself in trouble, hospital, or in prison. There are many other ways to protest- you don't just have to use violence. You can do it online, or do it peacefull. They is no need for you to be violent during a protest.

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