Which protest out of these 3 (End SARS,BLM and Climate change would you protest for and why.

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A. Few days ago, As I was speaking with my dad, he gave me an example about protestand said.

"If you had 3 type of protest End SARS, BLM And climate change which one would you protest for and why? and I told myself why not make a burnet news club post on this well here is what i think.


The main meaning of End Sars is

Basically is a type of protest that originated in Nigeria and it all started because I think that they were killing innocent people because of a certain situation. Even though it might not be nigerian I surely have a lot of members that are from Nigeria and they are certainly not happy about this and so am I as I said in many of my comments and many of my post about this I just want to recover again and I want to say that this is wrong and so should never have to happen to a human we all live our life our selves we all care for ourselves but for someone to go and take someone else's life is just wrong but the true meaning of this is

End SARS is a decentralised social movement, and series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria. The slogan calls for the disbanding of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a notorious unit of the Nigerian Police with a long record of abuses.

I would definitely like to protest about this as a black young girl I've always had a dream to not let anyone take me down until not let anyone stop me from what i have achieved.Personally, I would protest on this and if I had a chance to I would definitely protest because you never know protesting might lead you to someone protesting might even let your voice be heard so I would take that chance

BLM Protest

The main meaning of the BLM protest is A protest designed by a group of black people some of you might have seen but on the news lately there have been a lot said about the BLM protest and this is mainly why well who I am to tell you.

A few months ago in 2020 there was a man named George Floyd , Who was an innocent man that had just gone to the corner shop across the road to get some few things from there of course he paid not knowing the shopkeeper gave him a fake token or fake money Of course

George floyd didn't know And he decided to take it. A few stops down the road, the police were behind him and he pulled over the police harshly confronted him in his car window with his wife in the car and the police pushed him out of his car and onto the ground It was actually caught on security cameras that they placed him against the wall and left him there and confronted him for a few minutes before they actually now on his neck on the ground

The police intentionally knelt on his neck for a good eight minutes those eight minutes will be remembered by their family and everyone who is treated wrongly.

as I was even typing this this gave me a flashback a memory of history that was black people were treated wrong unfair and like slaves and it seems that it's even getting worse to me as a child in my own eyes I can see that this world is getting worse and listen to me racism is getting bigger and bigger to me the whole world is just in a bad state. Honesty

The BLM protest is a huge part of my life and I will always remember in my heart and I will tell myself every day exactly what martin Luther king told everyone which was "I have a dream"

And I must certainly have a dream

I would love to protest for a BLM movement it inspires me to believe in myself I would definitely take any risks of protesting for the BLM protest this is very important and I think it should be taken on more seriously than how it is right now

Climate change

Climate change is basically The climate movement is the collective of nongovernmental organizations engaged in activism related to the issues of climate change. It is a subset of the broader environmental movement, but some regard it as a new social movement itself given its scope, strength, and activities.

In its simplest form basically is a movement designed by a lot of people because we were wasting rubbish and plastic and throwing them into the sea therefore it would end up in the Antartic which is killing loads of animals

in its simplest form basically is a movement designed by a lot of people because we were wasting rubbish and plastic and throwing them into the sea therefore it would end up in the antartic room which is killing loads of animals

Recently on social media such as Tiktok and Instagram there was a huge problem going on and when I was reading the comments I was so confused until I started to research more about this and apparently Donald Trump signed a petition saying that he would sell the Antartic To the person that pays over £30 million and at first I thought this is a rumour that was just going on to make Trump look bad but as I started to research I saw loads and loads of different websites saying please and it so we can save the Atlantic and so I thought to myself and I said this is kind of true because that is the same thing as climate change and loads of polar bears and more animals are getting killed. After a few days I went back on the social medias and I found out that we actually saved the antactic and I was super proud of us and one hour on some of the websites we had raised over £50,000 to around £900,000 and I was super amazed we have saved not only us but all the animals there and we have made people proud.

personally, not much people in my family believe that climate change is a thing and they don't really care about it but since I have a really deep passion into protesting and politics I think that all protest matters and all of them should be dealt with properly so personally I wouldn't protest for the climate change but if I had a chance and if it was really bad then definitely yes.


To conclude everything I've said out of all of them i would protest for the BLM protest. Personally, I find that protest very important and very special to me!!

But which one would you protest for and why

1) Do you have a deep passion for it?

2)is it a protest you'd risk you life for?

3)Have you Experianced something like the potest?

hope you're better of some of my ideas if you disagree that is perfectly fine everyone isn't perfect and so am I not perfect hope you have a lovely day remember to stay safe stay 2 m away and have a lovely day bye


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