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Hello everyone welcome to burnets podcasts with your host Lola

Today will be interviewing a few citizens of London eager to know a lot on our subject protest and what is protest they surely have a lot in mind to tell us and a lot of there opinions

Our first citizen with us is named Michaela Williams Michaela would you like to introduce yourself so we can get to know a bit about you

My name is Michaela Williams and I am known to be one of the most strongest black African-American to host not only three protest but to at least make one work.

As a child when I grew up I had such a difficult childhood with racism in the world and more worse things in the world and as a child experiencing all of that was just too much as I grow up I decided that I need to stick up for myself and I won’t let anyone put my dreams down I will stand up for myself and fight for my justice that’s why I decided to run one of my first protest and it turned out to be a fail at the start but when I started to run more protests and spread more awareness to the world started to get better and better and The protest was more effective. as a 23-year-old I will still fight for my justice and I will still be who I am

Host: that was a splendid speech there I love hearing about how you stuck up for yourself when you didn’t let anyone put you down and that’s what you call a true person that never gives up

A few questions that I would love to ask you is

Do you think protest should be allowed?

What protest do you not agree with but most people agree with?

Personally in my opinion process should definitely be allowed why? Well this is because it is testament for your voices to be heard for changes to be made in the world for the government to hear your voice and say yes I agree And no one can stop us from that an example is imagine if someone innocent had died because of the police maybe but you couldn’t go and protest you couldn’t rather do anything else you’re probably just sit there and feel bad for yourself but when you have a protest you can go out there and tell people that this was a right and I need to be a change made you can express your feelings and express your emotions with A protest you feel free you feel like I can do this I might make a change in the world with a protest you’re free from every chamber you’re free from every anger you’re expressing your feelings. And therefore something like that should never be banned something like that should stick in the world forever and that’s why I think that protest should never be banned or should never have to be banned.

Host: wow wow wow that nearly made me cry that was an epic speech I love the fact that you mention that protest are for expressing your feelings and yes that is true. Without a protest he wouldn’t be able to use our voices therefore changes will be made and I love those words are used that was a brilliant speech and you can certainly become one strong lady!

Makayla: with a question number two there is a protest that I think that it’s not really useful which is climate change.Climate change in my opinion isn’t really an affective protest as you can already see when Donald Trump was president he was a really making much of a change of climate change and the main leader of climate change is basically Greta thumburg she is definitely one confident speaker but sometimes she can push things to the limit and example is she decided to say some pretty rude things to Donald Trump such as how dare you and he was a president And for someone to say that to a president isn’t that quite disrespectful secondly climate change hasn’t really been making an impact but I disagree with what I just said a little bit because a few months ago I was on social media such as Instagram and there were a few posts saying that Donald Trump was going to oil drill the Antarctic. And at first I was quite confused because I thought that it was just a rumour that was going around so I decided to search on google oil drilling antarctic and there were so many websites saying pay here to save the Antarctic and I knew that this was a real situation but I didn’t really care at first but then when I saw pictures of polar bears with no food and became a real problem to me so I decided to donate some cash a few days after I had received an email saying that we have finally saved the Antarctic thank you for donating and I was proud about donating To their company but after that I thought to myself well why are we sending money to save animals can’t use the money to save ourselves we humans have a different mindset to animals and animals in my opinion to my life so that’s why I don’t agree with climate change

Hope you have enjoyed my opinions

Host:Amazing I really enjoyed listening to your opinions and I’m sure others might to this was an epic talk with you Michaela and I’ll be sure to speak with you and catch up with you again hope you have a lovely day stay safe Bye Michaela


Host: our next citizen with us will be Sir John McLoyd

Hello John it is very nice to see you today would you like to introduce yourself to us and to you all people watching at home

My name is Sir John Mcloyd and I am 33 years old I am the vice president of the most richest tech company in the world earning over $5 million a year

Host: wow you very must be rich indeed may be a few cash outa will help

Ha ha maybe

So John we would like to ask you a few questions on what you think I’m protest and we would like you to answer them in your opinion I will first question would be

Do you think protesting is the right way for voices to be heard?

Have you/family/relatives ever been involved in a protest?

Interesting questions, well with number one I think that protesting is not the right way to get voice is hard because protest can be very violent and can be very peaceful but most of the protest that happened here in America end up getting very violent. And violent can lead to severe injuries as I think you said on one of your podcast you said imagine of an old lady was walking down the road and had just finished buying up groceries and there was a minor protest that was happening but it was very violent and police were throwing teargas on the road and the lady was walking down the same alley way that the protesters were walking home and the police accidentally threw take us right in front of the lady imagine how hot she could be just because of people protesting she could be really injured and really severely hurts like the protesters who might not be as hurt as the woman.

And I definitely agree with that point protest like these can turn violent and there is simply more Ways of getting the government to change such as writing letters or going to court or simply even making a platform on social media I certainly think there are more ways of getting a voice as hard instead of protests!

Host: thank you very much for using one of my examples and I definitely approve your point there are more ways of getting voices heard!

With question number two actually one of my family members had been involved in a protest that ended up working successfully which was my great great grandmother.

When she was a little child,She had seen racism all over the world although she might not of been black or any other skin colour she certainly Experienced racism in her life she told me a story once when she had gone to the chip shop to go and get some food to eat and because she was white she was given more privileges than the black people in at a certain point but actually checked out some of the black people because white people wanted to sit there and only at the age of 11 she stood up to herself and went to the manager and said how dare you do this this is so not right And I’ll be sure to leave the shop and report it to the court as an 11-year-old that is an amazing accomplishment and I will always look up to my great great grandmother after a few years when she had been 29 she decided to go on a protest it’s similar to the black lives matter protest but a bit different as it’s a peaceful protest and. X only a certain amount of people are allowed to join the process due to they think that they will be violent which. I thought was a great idea because the protest would be less violent and it would be more easier to make it a peaceful protest so my great great grandmother decided to join the protest and actually ended up making a change the government have banded Any racism and they had also banded unequality such as how they used to have different sinks for each race now they have banned that and everyone can use the same thing

Host: wow I can tell that your Great great grandmother is a very good person the fact that she managed to make a huge change in the world was just awesome tell your great great grandmother I said well done and that she should be a proud and she’s a great person

John: thank you very much I have to go now but I hope you have liked my opinions and you agreed with them

Host: we must certainly will have a lovely day bye

Host: hope you’ve had a lovely time listening to this podcast I’m listening to Michaela Williams and Sir John Mcloyds. Opinions really appreciate your time spent reading this or listening to this and I hope you can come back for next week’s podcast have a lovely day stay safe stay blessed bye

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