What is protest?

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Hello I'm articulate_concpet and I'm going be inervueing people to see what protesting is and what it was like in their time!

Hello I'm Caroll, owner of a fruit shop.

Hi I'm Oliver, I'm a seniour in a seniour center

Greetings I am Noah, I'm a college student

What was it like when there was protests in your time?

Caroll.: Well protests weren't a big thing when I was your age, sometimes it was on the news but most people would just ignore it because they thought there was no point of proesting because no one would listen.

Oliver.: As a child, protesting was all over the news since Martin luther king.Jr marched for BLM (Black lives matter) I was apart of that march protesting for a better future for black children and it was working but people are still protesting for BLM and I wish to join them but I'm to old

Noah. Well when I was younger, my dad told me to stay away from protests so when ever protests where on the tv my dad woukd turn on the tv I have heard about lots of diffrent protests so I know what it was like for other people

What is your opinion on protests?

Caroll.: I don't think it's a good idea to do any typemof protest because it can cause lots of damage and even stuff that can't be erased could be done

Oliver: I Would say protests are good because it can help the the attention to the people they need to get their problem fixed

Noah: I think protests are bad and good at the same time because I've asked many people about their experiences and I've heard some bad things like ''People set a police car of fire'' and some good things like ''people protested peacfully and they got their problem sovled.

So now that we have seen thier opinions and ideas, What do you like and what would you do?

Stay safe everyone goodbye!

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