What is a protest?

A protest is a way of getting across to people that you disagree with something. There are lots of different ways to protest including a riot. A riot is a uncontrolled type of protest where some people just join it to make trouble. The next type of protest is boycott, boycotting is where you avoid a certain thing like you might avoid using a certain brand if you think that there packaging is harmful to the environment. The next type of protest is a silent protest is where protesters do something quietly but stands out like refusing to join in with something or sitting somewhere unusual. The next type of protest is strike, going on strike is where you stop doing something like you stop doing your work and your whole workplace has gone on strike because they are not happy about something. Then next type of protest is a March, a March is where lots and lots of people gather on the streets and protest for something many people hold up signs in protests like these. The next type of protest is civil disobedience, this is where you break rules in society by doing something illegal, protesters might damage things. The final type of protest is virtual activism, this is where a protest takes place online.

So there are all these types of protests but are all of them affective?

I don't think all of them are affective. The ones that I don't think are affective are civil disobedience and a riot. I don't think these protests are very affective because most people who participate in these sort of protests don't actually do it because they want to help spread the word about the issue so many people are unhappy about they want to just cause trouble by damaging things.

Which protests do I think are affective?

I think that the protests that are affective are, silent protests, strike and virtual activism.I think Strike is a good protest because if you go on strike at work because you don't like what your manager is doing or something they will want to change it really quick because if you are on strike it's meaning that you won't get any money but the manager won't get any money either. The next protest I think is an affective protest is silent protests because on silent protests you just either refuse to join in with something and sit somewhere unusual this is a good one because it won't be noisy but people will start to notice what you are doing and other people might start to join in. The final protest that I think is really affective and I think is the best protest is virtual activism. I think this is a really good way of protesting because your are not doing anything illegal or causing trouble or being noisy all you are doing is raising an issue on social media. This is also really good because now lots of people have social media and this will spread the word quite quickly because lots of people will see it and if people agree more and more people will start to join in with the protest.

Which protests I think are affective but can also be bad as well.

I think this is really good because when boycotting you might not be buying a certain brand because they aren't helping the enviroment with they're packaging or something. If lots of people start to join in with boycotting that particular company the company will start losing money because not many people are buying there products meaning that they will start to wonder why people aren't buying there products and sort the problem out quicker. The only bad thing about this protest is that if you do do that the company might have to close and quite a few people could be out of jobs. The final protest that I think is affective but can also be bad is March. March can be quite affective because there will be quite a lot of people doing a protest like this showing that a lot of people care about the issue. The thing that is bad aboit a March is that som people might join and start taking it to far and turning it into a riot making the people who started it of and the people who were actually protesting because they cared about the issue look bad.

Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it and I would like to here your opinions on protests and what you think.

Thank you for reading loyal_cymbals

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    08 Jan 2021

    Well explained, loyal_cymbals! My challenge for you is to stay open-minded about each type of protest until the end of the Issue. Please come back to this post and let us know if anything makes you change your mind about which protest types are the most / least effective.

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