What are protests like in other countries?

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What are protests like in other countries, well that is what i will be talking about today. I will be going through what they are like then I will reveal my opinion about them at the end.

North Korea:

North Korea have some very strict rules if protesting, if you are found protesting in the middle of the road, on the streets or really anywhere and you are caught there is no going back. When you get caught thats it you are either sent to prison camp or killed ( things you probably dont want happening to you) which are very frightning.


Egypt is quite straight forward. If you get caught protesting then you will be straight off to prison. You will not be there for just 1 year, 2 years, or even 3, you will be there for 7 long years.


In China protesting is not shared with the public. If caught posting stuff about protesting, you will not be charged nore arressed, you will be assumed to be a dangerous or bad person. Police have already reacted by this with violence in the past.


In Russia protesting is illegal withough permission from the goverment ( which is very rare.) Protesting can often be called "hooliganism." If caught doing a protest you can be fined A LOT of money.

Palestine ( in some parts) :

In some parts of palestine, people are NOT alound to protest peacfully and DEFINETLY not alowed to protest violently. If you are caught doing any 1 of these you counld be straight off to prision or fined alot of money.

Now as I said I would reavel my opion so here it is...

In my opinion some of these rules for protesting are REALLY strict ( for example North Korea, if your caught protesting you could be killed....) and i dont agree on them because from protesting you can speak you part and not only that the world could become a better place. Now that is what i believe in most, but i also think that you shouldnt protest as you could be damaging our planet. Protesting is a serious thing that should be taken seriously but isn't always.

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