Violence does not get your voice heard

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There are so many protests that are violent. I wonder why they are, is it because if they are violent they think that their voice will be heard . But no you do not have to be violent to get your voice heard you just need to spread your cause enough that you have a whole team of protesters that agree with your cause.

How do you get your voice heard ?

To get your voice heard it is not like a flick of a switch it is like turning an oil tanker. There are many ways to get your voice heard you could do it by people you know personally by telling them and them telling they could then tell their friend and on and on . You could send a letter to a reporter which tells about the cause you are fighting for . Or you could do it the more common way just by walking on the streets with signs and try to get people to join your demonstration

So in con clunclusion you do not have to be violent to get your voice heard there is loads of different ways .

please say what you think

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  • Arjan Bains.jfif EXPERT: Arjan Bains, Senior Audit Associate @ KPMG
    22 Jan 2021

    Hi Magical_clarinet. Great post and I like your analogy of turning an oil tanker - it's perfect for describing how things can sometimes take a while to change direction!

    When you say "voice heard", Do you mean that things change? (rather than simply getting attention- as I personally think that violent protests still get attention as was shown by the protests in the Capitol this month!)

    Why do you think people protest violently rather than e.g sending a letter? Do you think everyone in a violent protest has similar reasons or could their reasons differ?


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  • Vishay Dodia.jpg EXPERT: Vishay Dodia, Deals Advisory Analyst @ KPMG
    24 Jan 2021

    Hi magical_clarinet, those are some really interesting views. Its' very true that violence is not the only way to get your voice heard and figureheads such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King are examples of that. Why do you think that certain people chose violent protests over more peaceful methods that you highlighted?

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    1. Hammond School logo magical_clarinet | Hammond Junior School B
      Vishay Dodia, Deals Advisory Analyst @ KPMG's comment 29 Jan 2021

      I think that people chose violence as it could get more attention for what thy are doing

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  • Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
    26 Jan 2021

    It isn't the ONLY way to get your voice heard. But riots can make your voice heard. Posters can't survive the rain unless they are made out of special plastic that is weather-proof. So that's off the list. If you tell someone, they could forget or take their mind off it for a while and then never get back to telling anybody else. Next, virtual activism can get deleted, boycott doesn't really make anything stand out, strike stands out for the people who don't do their work and the company that they work for. Silent protest doesn't get your voice heard since people can just go on without you, and riots cause a lot of noise and action, which stands out.

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  • Preston Manor School neat_situation | Preston Manor School
    02 Feb 2021

    i too believe that violence isnt the way too get your voice heard ther are much safer ways to do so like have confidence in yourself, ask questions, speak up for others and many more.

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