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Hey, remember me it is noble_honeydew.

And before I start I would just would like to say that everyone please join in on the hub and post so that you might be rewarded with a star which will go through to the competition of the star leaderboard, if you need more details please visit the hub and there will be posts from olivia and advisers to help you understand!!

I don't know if you have heard this already but the people now able to speak have been saying that 'Without kindness there is no world!!' ,well in my opinion I think that without kindness there is no peace so people all over the world and and country's must learn that we can not all be the same and we must be equals and we must be proud of who we are and not let bad people get us down if we stick together we can use our compassion, our peace and most importantly our love and equality!!

I don't know what you might be thinkning but that was my opinion so please comment down below and tell me what you think?! This is what huge crouds and groups have been ding and saying about the sadness and the anger that some people have been spreading by giving unaproved speaches umongst themselves and other who agree. Here are some examples:

I am also here to say that there had been crouds and family's, friends or even people who just agree on the same thing and that agreement was/is on Climate Change and Climate Change causes:

  • Grounds drying up!!
  • Ice melting in Antartica!!
  • Exreme weather conditions like storms, heatwaves,tornados!!
  • Higher polution levels!!
  • More rain leading to flooding and rising sea levels!!
  • Warmer seas harming aniamls and hoter landscapes damaging animals habitats!!

Please think about this Climate Change and the raisism/democracy discussion and remember, comment down below if you have any more causes from Climate Change and comment in your opinion on our discussion about raisim/democracy - Have a lovely rest of your day this is,

Noble_honeydew :)

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